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Your song is about to debut, and you find yourself with only $100 to promote it. What should “YOU” do?


We've all been there, right? You've got a killer track on your hands, but your budget is tighter than your favorite pair of skinny jeans. Let's face it; relying solely on a record label to handle promotion just won't cut it. As an artist, taking charge of your own marketing is crucial for growth and efficiency. The truth, without sugarcoating it, is that no one will care about your art as much as you do.


Now, what do you do when there's no money to invest? Well, you're not alone in this predicament. Sure, you've heard the usual advice about getting a side gig, but let's be realistic—most musicians are still strapped for cash, even with an extra hustle. So, with just a hundred bucks in your pocket, what's the game plan?


The answer is simple: get creative. In the marketing world, massive budgets often fail to yield results when not allocated wisely. Micro-investing is the key to tackling this challenge effectively. It's about generating small, incremental ideas that deliver the best outcomes. So, before you splurge on paying TikTokers to dance to your tune or drop a fortune on playlist promotion, let's explore more cost-effective strategies.


  1. Micro Ads: Musicians residing outside major markets like the US or the UK are in luck when it comes to advertising costs. While everyone dreams of conquering major markets, why not start in your own backyard? If you're from Latvia, Colombia, or Poland, where the cost per click is significantly lower than in major markets, consider tapping into that potential. Rather than burning your entire $100 on international ads, allocate it to a smaller, more manageable area. With $100, you can make a significant impact in Poland or India, where it can get you around $1,000 worth of ads.


  1. Creative Reels: We all know that video content reigns supreme in today's world. So, why not set aside $40 to have someone create engaging video reels that you can promote with the remaining $60? You can find freelancers on platforms like Fiverr or even enlist a talented friend in exchange for some well-deserved credit. But don't settle for a run-of-the-mill video loop with your song; get imaginative with your content. Think about the viral videos you've seen online and apply those concepts to your music. If humor is your forte, leverage it and create content that showcases your funny side. Remember, the most successful marketing is the creative kind. Some of the most viral content gains traction naturally. Understand how social media operates and adapt your approach as you release more music. Consider it an invaluable experiment that will pay off in the long run, rather than time and money wasted.


  1. Viral Concepts: Here's a favorite strategy that'll push you out of your comfort zone and require you to engage with people. Let's face it; if you want to be a rock star on stage but can't strike up a basic conversation with a stranger, you're in for a tough ride. So, let's get some practice in! Take your $100, exchange it for one-dollar bills, grab your phone or a boombox, and head to a bustling downtown area or a scenic lakeside spot where people gather on weekends. Offer cool-looking folks $1 to listen to your track while your buddy films the interactions on your phone—no need for expensive cameras. Keep it raw and authentic! Select the best 15-20 reactions, compile them into a captivating reel, and invest the rest of your money in Facebook Ads. You never know what might catch fire, plus it'll get people in your city talking about your experiment. I mean, who wouldn't want to share a story about getting paid a dollar to listen to a song? It's quirky and cool—a refreshing and engaging twist.


  1. Utilize Family and Friends: Now that you have compelling content, involve your close circle in boosting engagement. Instagram thrives on comments and likes as they signal the algorithm to push your content harder. It's disheartening to see musicians with no comments on their posts. Surely, you can get a grandparent or a neighbor to drop a simple comment! Too many musicians overlook their own family and friends for basic engagement support. A few reposts on Facebook can increase your exposure exponentially. The source doesn't matter; what counts is the activity.


  1. Create a Cult Following: Kickstart a mini-movement with your local friends by organizing meetups where you share and discover music together. You don't need a fancy club; a local park will do. Bring a boombox, introduce people to cool tracks, and gradually grow your email or group list. You could even start a Facebook Group or a WhatsApp group for electronic dance music lovers in your area.


In conclusion, the key to success is having fun and keeping things interesting. If I were to hand you a million dollars for promotion today, I guarantee it would be spent in all the wrong places. So, until you're swimming in cash, learn how to break into the market with limited resources. Use this time to explore and expand your ideas. Most importantly, get creative! We pour our creativity into our music, but why do we fall short when it comes to promoting it? Both aspects are crucial and go hand in hand.


If you're hungry for more knowledge, consider joining our NoFace Academy. We delve deeper into these ideas to help you grow faster and smarter!


Stay inspired, my friends!


-Max Vangeli


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