How to get noticed in the music industry?

music business Aug 01, 2022


How do I get noticed in the music industry?

We often hear that the music industry is oversaturated and unfortunately, this is true. The industry is oversaturated if you’re just copying other artists and following trends. However, there’s always a spot for innovation and for artists who try to bring something new. 

Learn the insider's tips on how to get noticed in the music industry!

The music industry is a competitive space that is constantly evolving. It can be difficult for upcoming artists to get their music heard and get noticed. Here are a few tips on how to get started. 

First of all, is there a specific rule to get noticed in the music industry and make it as an artist? If the official answer is “No”, there’s some ways you can follow to have more chances to get noticed as an artist. And the first one is about the music itself. 


  • Have your own sound. 

The first thing you should think about to get noticed...

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Denver DJ/Producer VLARE makes his debut on NoFace Records with intriguing new single “Infinity”

Uncategorized May 19, 2022

Colorado is the home mecca to numerous EDM Headbangers and Ravers with a growing interest in the scene and its ability to churn out some of EDMs top DJs/Producers like Big Gigantic and Pretty Lights.

Now easily carving his way into the Denver, Colorado EDM scene is Deep/Progressive House DJ/Producer, VLARE!

Previously releasing his official debut “Void” (a club-driven Progressive House record) with ‘Jendex Records’, the Denver-Native is back with a Deep House single named “Infinity”. The track was released this week (May 16th, 2022) with Max Vangeli’s growing Imprint ‘NoFace Records’.

The new single features VLARE’s signature atmospheric synths with a more downtempo, but equally emotionally-thrilling drop! “Infinity'' could easily be seen climbing the Beatport Deep House charts with its detailed arpeggiated composition. Clearly meant to take the listener on a sonic journey this track is perfect for your chill/deep...

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New Music On The Way from Michael Bibi

Uncategorized May 18, 2022

Unless you have been under a rock, as an electronic music lover it’s fair to say that Michael Bibi has been a name on your mind for a while now! Ever since his legendary flip of a “Hunger Games sample “Hanging Tree”, Bibi has been on an absolute tare. Now, the last time we got a taste of new Bibi was back in 2021 when we got treated with smash hits “Whispers In The Wind” as well as "Shaolin Dreams”


I am not too sure if we even want to attempt to describe the production level on “Shaolin Dreams”, and it is 2022 after all…so let’s hear some new fire! And behold, as if the dance music Gods tapped on Bibi’s shoulder and said, “Michael, it’s time for new heat”, Bibi simply replied “Hold my beer” and dropped these 3 IDs on us. Now as fans all we can do is sit and pray this is going to be a 3 track EP of absolute mastery at its best!


Is this real life? And are we...

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‘NoFace Records’ artists and more to take over Wisdome LA for the ‘This is Ibiza’ Event

Summer 2022 is just about in full swing & it’s looking to be a rave summer to remember (minus the weekend benders) with festivals/bars/clubs all opening back up to full capacity in America!

Post-Pandemic parties are going down & the house music (specifically tech) scenes are making a STRONG comeback throughout the United States. Max Vangeli’s NoFace Records has been no exception, helping pioneer a large handful of upcoming Electronic Music producers and DJs such as Anthony Pears, BadSanta, TOROK, Michael Grald, and Dave Ruthwell.

The upcoming record label has been making quite a name for itself in the indie EDM scene for the last 4 years & is finally starting to take it to the road! Throwing down a 6HR event in the sunshine state of California, the ‘This is Ibiza’ event will be taking place at Wisdome LA in Los Angeles on June 4th, 2022!

After taking a short-hiatus from touring, following the pandemic, Max Vangeli is back to headline the massive...

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TEE-VO seizes the early summer with latest single “Back Again” out now with ‘NoFace Records’

Los Angeles DJ/Producer TEE-VO makes a comeback to drop his latest track of the year!

This time around the American Upcomer drops “Back Again”, a heavy-grooved Tech/Bass House single! The track dropped May 8th, 2022 on Max Vangeli’s imprint, ‘NoFace Records’.

Previously debuting a Deep House masterpiece named, “So Free” ft. Sophia Stutchbury & “Flight 310”, TEE-VO is back with a different vibe that’s ready to keep the dance floor moving. While first playing “Back Again”, any true raver could easily hear how this track could easily fit right into a James Hype, John Summit, or Vintage Culture set.

If you’re looking for a track that truly gets the heart pumping or crowd dancing, then be sure to check this one out and throw it in your favorite mix/playlist because it is insatiable!

Featuring a very nice combination of ethereal synths and arps that fall right into the heavy drop, this single is truly won...

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John Summit Returns with New Tech-House Single ‘In Chicago’

John Summit has taken the global Tech House scene by storm in 2021 and 2022 with his insatiable, seductive club-hyping tracks.

This time around the Chicagoan-Native decided to pay homage to his city by mixing those classic Chicago/Deep Tech House sounds w/ a set of influential John Summit Adlibs, truly giving listeners the feeling of being in the middle of Smart Bar Chicago at 2AM.

The DJ has been extra active on Twitter, sneaking a preview of how he made the new track & actively catching some heat after calling out Skrillex on Thursday night! Dropping the track on the only Friday the 13th of this year, it’s also Summit’s first official track to drop on his new label imprint, '‘Off The Grid Recs".

Playing MASSIVE sets all over North America including Ultra Miami, Coachella, BUKU, and EDC Mexico, Summit has seen an exponentially quick rise to fame in the past few years.

He recently shared his experience of playing Miami Music Week this year with regards to the...

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NFTs, Cryptocurrency, and The Electronic Dance Music Industry

So unless you’ve been on an internet-break for the past two years the terms NFTs, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain have more than likely surfaced on your newsfeed somewhere. Of course, the language of money is universal so it’s no doubt the concepts would spread across all genres of music!

From A-List rappers such as Eminem, Post Malone, and Snoop Dogg, to the top EDM DJs such as Steve Aoki, Don Diablo, Deadmau5, Grimes, Getter, 3LAU, and UZ, a multitude of artists have found a new way to take control of their money combining current industry tactics with the new emerging decentralized world of digital currency & assets! There is no doubt that Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Blockchain technology will revolutionize the Electronic Music Industry.

So what are Non-Fungible Tokens? The technical term for an NFT is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger, that can be sold and traded.

Essentially, this can be any form of...

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Networking for music producers in 2021 [3 actionable steps]

Actionable tips about networking for music producers in 2021

It’s happened to us all before.

You find an artist that sparks your interest on either Social Media or while you’re listening to music.

And then you think to yourself, “Man, I’d love to collab with them.”

But then you either send a DM and never get a reply back, or you have a quick conversation that leads to nothing but exchanging each other’s tracks and some small talk.

Maybe you even get as far as sending some stems, but then, in the end, the collab ends up falling through, and so do your hopes for another release.

If this is in any way relatable, then try these three tips to increase your networking game and to finally get more songs released.




The best way to collaborate with bigger artists is through mutual artist connections. Tip #2 will discuss more this.

Another great way is by catching their attention with your...

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10 Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel as a Music Producer in 2021

A constant source of social media frustration for upcoming music producers is YouTube. Why? Because there's a lot involved in gaining critical mass on YouTube. I'd argue that it takes a lot more work and consistency than Instagram or Tik Tok.

The following tips will give you some ways to grow your YouTube channel in 2021 and beyond:

1. Understand the type of channel you are building

Are you building a music-only channel where you only upload music you've produced? Or are you building a channel where you have music and other types of content? These are important questions to consider as you roll out your YouTube presence.

2. Plan your content release schedule

 How often are you going to be releasing music? You should consider releasing at least monthly. Will you be putting out mixes for people to enjoy? Maybe you can film a DJ set in a cool location. Behind the scenes footage, vlogs, get creative! Document what you're up to and be consistent about it.

If you're...

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Top 10 No Copyright Music Options for YouTube in 2021

As a YouTuber, background music can be a tricky area for you to navigate because of royalty / copyright issues. This is because if you put music in your video that isn't cleared, your entire video can be demonetized!

So how do you avoid painful copyright strikes and pick the right music to use? By using so-called free no copyright music instead. The popular term refers to certain YouTube channels and Record Labels who have decided to give you the ability to use their music royalty-free of charge in exchange for receiving credit in your video's description. 

Below are 10 of the best options for royalty-free music you can use in your YouTube videos:


1. NoFace Records

Let's throw our imprint in first. With 5 releases per week and over 150 songs already in the catalog, you'll be sure to find some YouTuber-friendly electronic music options ranging from high energy, commercial, to chill vibes. No copyright strikes to worry about, feel free to use the...

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