5 Ways How To Get Ahead In The Music Industry By Helping Others

music business Nov 25, 2020

NoFace Fam, often times we think about me, me, me. Right? What can this person do for me? How can I get ahead? When will this playlist get back to me?

But guess what? Everyone else is thinking about themselves too, so sometimes the best way to help yourself is to help others!

Here are a few examples of how to do this:

1) Connect People In Your Network

Let's say you know 2 producers, or a record label and a producer, or a publishing company and a talented songwriter, a good mixing and mastering person, or whatever you have in your network that someone else might need. They will appreciate you for it and building that kind of good will builds momentum over time.

2) Share Resources

Know a good playlist to pitch? Share its contact info with those who nee it. Have a blog that's open to reviewing singles? Share. Have you found a particularly good Whatsapp, Discord, or Reddit community? Pass that info along.

3) Book Suggestions

Sometimes a simple book / article / post recommendation will build good will.

For example: "Hey so and so, I just read X and it made me think of you. Maybe you'll find it useful too."

4) Organize A Zoom Event

Take 5-10 interesting people you know (who don't know each other) and invite them to meet one another. You know who they'll remember forever as the person who introduced them? You!

5) Offer To Pitch Someone Else's Track

Take an artist who has 5x - 20x+ the following/Spotify plays that you do. Assuming you have these kinds of artists in your network, offer to pitch their next track or two. This might sound counter productive and I definitely wouldn't recommend you spend all your time giving freebies like this. But once in a while, it gives you a reason to work closer with someone else and to build a relationship.

As you can see, sometimes instead of me, me, me, it really is you, you, you, that can help everybody out. Hope that helps!

Denis Hiller, Label Manager, NoFace Records. Send your unsigned electronic music to [email protected]


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