Oct 25, 2022

Hard to believe it’s almost 2023 and we are still simply trying to copy one another. The strange part is, we all know that being unique is the only way to stand out. So why do we keep chasing concepts that already exist instead of pushing ourselves into a more original path with our creations?

The honest truth is laziness! Yes, we all know the term “Stop Reinventing the Wheel” and borrow proven concepts instead, but the key thing to underline here is “borrow” not “Steal”.

Being influenced by someone else’s work does not mean you should simply steal it. And why, you ask?  Just because it worked for one person does not mean it will work for you.

We Are All Different:

We look different, smell different, and have completely different tastes. Just like our fans do as well. So why would you box yourself in by copying someone else when your fans can simply follow the other artist you are mimicking instead? They follow you because you are different. They follow you because maybe today they prefer to have a hotdog and not a burger, so stop selling them burgers just because it’s a more popular choice today.

The World Craves Originality:

Imagine if you went to France to visit The Louvre and to your amazement, every piece of art identically mimicked one another. When you go to an art gallery of that scale, every artist in that building is important. You don’t compare Vincent van Gogh to Leonardo Da Vinci and try to argue who was better. Great art cannot be compared and originality is the only thing that truly matters here.

Leave a Legacy:

Ask yourself a very simple question, why did you even start creating in the first place? If you are a purist like myself, the answer should be simple…for the legacy! I can assure you there is nothing legendary about simply jumping on someone else’s train. As an artist, your mission is to create magic that will withstand the test of time. Our job is to create history, not mimic it. If all we did was mimic history, then life would be pretty boring, to say the least.

Provide Value:

As a creative, your job is to provide value in your industry and bend the rules in order to create growth. If we all simply copy each other because something is working well, how are we supposed to have industry growth? As artists, it is our due diligence to push our artistic creativity to the absolute limit. You are just as important to this industry as the biggest name in the game!

Shock the World:

The concept of shocking people with your art is very much under-appreciated nowadays. It’s almost scary for people to stand out because it separates them from the norm. We are so scared of failure that the most logical thing to do is to create relatable products. This might help you avoid a few harsh comments from critics in the short run, but there is no way you are set up to become the next Skrillex.

Conclusion: We are not telling you to create music that none of us will understand. We are simply challenging you to do more with your creations. Think of yourself as a modern-day Picasso who wakes up in the morning and questions everything about the current state of the art. Work your way towards that euphoric feeling of being a groundbreaking individual. It might start with a new experiment on your next song that will lead you on a new path of greatness. This new journey of creative thinking will bless you with the longevity of your own work. Unless you simply want to be a cookie cutter with short-term praise from a few screaming fans. Make music the way Vincent van Gogh approached his art, with a twist of self-confidence and a splash of creative thinking! Push to change the world, not just mimic it.

-Max Vangeli


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