How to land your dream Collab

Oct 18, 2022

Before you get all excited and start DMing your favorite artists for a collaboration let’s take a look at some of the key factors why your approach has been failing you!

Most of us are very impulsive humans and like to get the message across instantly! We want to score that collab NOW! Unfortunately, we live in a world where magic does not always happen on day one and a little bit of creativity is required!

Let’s take a look at 5 Key factors that will guarantee you success!

1. Scale:

The first one is very obvious and requires you to scale from the bottom to the top. As much as we all want to collab with Skrillex on day one, it’s important to first land a collab with someone on your level! Make a goal for yourself and create a list of your dream collaborations. Now list them on a piece of paper from small to big and start at the bottom!

2. Get to know the artist:

As obvious as it sounds you would be shocked how many people hit up artists for a collab purely on their clout level! It would make sense for you to love the music first before collaborating! Start listening to every single release your potential collaborator created and get in sync with their vision. Getting to know the artist is probably the most critical aspect in landing a dream collaboration. Go as far as getting to know whom they follow and who their friends are! Maybe even get to know their friends too!

3. Share their music:

Now before you start ass-licking every post with your generous fire emojis why not show some love for the arts on your socials. Start sharing their music on your stories and letting your fans know how much you admire your potential collaborators’ work! Start sharing with your fans that you have a goal in mind, and that goal is to collab with that artist within the next few years in your career. You would be in shock at how much your followers will support this idea and even encourage the artists to notice you.

4. Be authentic:

If you want to win in this Internet war game it’s almost impossible to do so without being genuine. Other artists can smell your bullshit from a mile away, so don’t be the guy that pops in on a page to praise a hit and then disappear as soon as the clout cooled off. If you truly love and respect this potential collaborator, it’s important to show consistent love and support. Be real and be pure. Faking it will not get you any brownie points unless you are showboating your brand-new Bugatti on the gram!

5. Provide value:

If you see your potential collaborator ask for assistance or a suggestion on a post. Be the first to offer help without expecting anything in return. Be a service provider, but do it in a genuine and authentic manner. You don’t want to start looking like a stocker! Before you know it the potential collaborator will DM you and say thank you! Maybe even a follow back if you are lucky!!!

One final note:

From a Gary Vee story, I saw online the other day. Long story short,  he was trying to get the attention of some big business connection on Twitter and did not know how to approach it. After some basic research, Gary sought out the collaborator’s favorite sports team info. He then proceeded with the conversation that had a deep meaning to the collaborator due to his love and obsession for his favorite team and thus creating a familiar bond with Gary that never existed before. The collaborator of course ended up checking Gary’s personal Twitter account and behold, a connection was made!

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