Nov 10, 2022

And the more important question is…do you even need one right now?

There are only two types of managers, BFFs and Industry Managers!

We all know about the BFFs…Best Friends Forever! Now…before you start writing off your best friend Bob as your potential future manager, hear me out!

As you develop your career, there will be multiple stages of elevation, not only with your music but your business structure. We all want to be signed to a super managing group that will take us to the top overnight, but let’s evaluate the PROs and the CONs

Loyalty: There is no chance in hell you will ever be able to have the same level of personal connection with a random music manager in comparison to someone who's known you all your life. There is a lot of importance here for your brand. Your BFF Manager is going to be your biggest fan in most cases, and that is a POWERFUL connection. He will be front and center at your shows!

Connections: One massive advantage of working with an established management team or individual is their level of connection. One phone call can move a lot of mountains and that’s just something your BFF is never going to have early on. Connections take years to build!

Work Ethic: This one will be tough to pinpoint, but in general your BFF will probably be more involved than your mogul manager will ever be. This is why in most cases BFF managers, later on, become your day-to-day manager and the mogul managers take the leading role in your career.

Longevity: There is a high chance that your BFF manager will stick around with you for as long as you exist. On the contrary, the mogul manager will drop you the minute you jeopardize your career. Let’s just say mogul managers don’t tend to stick around in the “Cancel Culture”, mainly because they have other clients to impress and don’t want anything to do with your dirty laundry.

Personal Relationship: Now don’t get me wrong, a lot of amazing relationships have been built with mogul managers and artists who only know each other on a professional level. But let’s not get it twisted, your BFF is going to be your BFF! We Ride Together!

Conclusion: After carefully analyzing the above, it’s very clear that there really is no right or wrong approach. The best way forward is to be self-managed, followed by a BFF, and eventually when you are supermassive, adding that Mogul manager to your team is the way to go. At the end of the day, it is your career and every decision needs to be made with careful analysis of your current position and the leverage you have as an artist. Building up leverage is probably in your best interest early on in your career. And once you feel like it’s time to elevate your management team, start adding pieces to your empire.

-Max Vangeli


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