Jan 24, 2023

If there’s one name that has been all over the place in 2022, it’s got to be FRED AGAIN. His emotive and relatable electronic music can be heard in a variety of settings, from Spotify playlists to dance floors, retail stores, cafes and huge festivals. But why is he everywhere and what exactly is he doing differently to achieve this?

Before we dive into the actual reason let’s talk about who Fred Again is and why he’s worth talking about. Whether or not you are familiar with Fred again, you have undoubtedly heard his music without even really knowing it. Some of the most popular songs by Ed Sheeran and Stormzy were created by the British producer. In fact, he contributed to more than 30% of the songs that topped the UK charts in 2019. But you are more likely to have seen videos of the 29-year-old musician DJing over a set of decks since 2020 and the start of his solo career as Fred, who has thousands of people dancing all around him.

But how was Fred Gibson able to achieve this sort of massive growth in a short span of time
with his freshly started project, ‘Fred Again’? Well, it comes down to a lot of things so sit
back and relax while we dive deep into Fred Again’s Artist brand and journey.

Here are major Key Factors behind the brand, ‘FRED AGAIN’ :


1. AUTHENTICITY : Fred seems to have appeared out of thin air, like a new friend you
meet at three in the morning in a club. Authenticity is what forms the base of Fred
Again’s brand and it’s clearly visible in everything he does, from his music to his fan
interactions, he is known for being genuine and authentic. This authenticity has
helped him to build a loyal fan base and establish a strong brand.

2. MUSIC : Like when someone writes a diary entry, Fred creates and distributes music.
His Album series is called ‘Actual Life’ which features timestamped tracks frequently
featuring heartfelt voice samples from the artist's friends, collaborators, or random
onlookers. He would just pull sounds from videos on his phone and random things
from nights outs. He’d always be the guy filming random shit on his phone and
making something musically magical around it. Due to these random daily snippets in
his songs, we relate to his music even more.

“The thing that I kind of fell in love with is the feeling of making records that feel like a
collaborative diary. ” - Fred Again

3. SOCIAL MEDIA : His social media content is so raw and genuine that following him feels like following your best friend. He interacts with his fans, shares behind the scenes of his projects, shares new music snippets, and his good moments with other artists

4. VISUAL IDENTITY & STORYTELLING : Fred's visual identity is again something which reflects his authenticity even more. Selfies are something that everyday people do and Fred belongs to us. He uses selfies taken with his phone and a recurrent color filter as the cover art for his albums. This stands out in a sea of identical artwork because it seems real and like it came raw from Fred's phone.

It evokes interest and curiosity. "How is he doing?" Was this just uploaded by him? Did he really compose a song while riding a train? 

Moreover, the content he posts on his youtube is also very raw and makes us connect to him even more.

5. CONSISTENCY : In 2022 the scene is all about authenticity and consistency. Fred readily accomplishes both of these tasks for his expanding internet fan base. 

Whether it’s consistency with music or visual identity, Fred never fails to deliver. Fred Again's music is known for its electronic and experimental sound, which sets him apart from other music producers and singers. This consistent unique sound has helped him to establish a strong brand and attract a dedicated fan base.

Maintaining consistency for Fred is so simple because he is simply true and authentic to himself that he doesn't have to put extra efforts in becoming the ideal charismatic leader.

Overall, Authenticity and being true to himself forms the base of his brand which is well reflected in his music, visual identity and fan interaction and therefore ultimately sets him apart from the rest.





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