How To Grow Twitter As Young Artist!

Dec 24, 2022

Twitter can be an incredible promotional tool for your career. Let’s look at 5 ways we can jump-start your Twitter game TODAY!📝

1. Follow important niche accounts
2. Reply with value
3. Provide value
4. Twitter Threads
5. DON'Ts

1.  Follow important niche accounts

Start following some of your favorite artists and labels and start engaging.
Be sure you turn on notifications on these accounts. No need to turn on notifications for all of them, just the biggest ones!

2.  Reply with value

As soon as you see your niche account tweet about a cool topic, be one of the first to contribute to the topic! The first reply always wins and gets the most traction.

Try to stick to at least 2-4 replies a day and stay consistent with it!

3.  Provide value

This is probably the most obvious one, but if you want people to actually follow you make sure you provide value! If you are an unknown artist, people will not follow you because of your nonsense crazy Tweets!

Something as simple as a motivational quote of the day on a consistent base can get you far!

4.  Post Twitter Threads

One of the most popular posts on Twitter nowadays is lengthy blog threads just like the one you are reading right now! This blog write-up will be posted as a Twitter Thread/Instagram Post and of course a Blog post on our site!

So if you have the knowledge to share, get creative with it!

5.  THE DON’Ts

-If you are going to reply, be sure to reply with value and not just an emoji
-Do not be the cool guy on Twitter, this rarely works unless you are John Summit
-Don’t be rude, Twitter hates assholes


Go out there and find accounts you actually love and follow them! Get involved and start adding value. Create engaging thread posts for your followers to enjoy and RT. Be a good person and stay consistent with it!


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