How To Win In Everything!

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2023

When I was in high school there was a local 24HR Fitness Gym all the people in the area attended. So after school, we would all like to work out and look cool.

I still remember it like it was yesterday, you had the football kids on the bench press, the girls doing cardio, and so on. But there was this one kid all by himself, with no friends. This kid was definitely out of shape and had no clue what he was doing on most machines in the gym. In all honesty most of the kids from school sort of looked down on this poor kid, who looked absolutely out of place trying to lift dumbbells...he just looked out of his element. He was that one guy at the gym who didn’t know how to do anything!

Long story short, after high school I went off to University and attended UC Santa Barbara away from home for 5 years. After graduating I came back to the Bay Area for a few years and of course, joined my good old 24HR Fitness!

Seeing a new wave of high school kids doing the same rounds as we once did. The cool kids, the jocks, the smart kids...but then I saw one face which shocked me, “It can’t be,” I said to myself! It was the kid from my school, the one with no friends, standing probably 6 feet tall with an absolutely stunning frame on him. When I say stunning, I mean RIPPED!

I honestly couldn’t believe it, here I am a bit out of shape after my University benders, looking at the same kid who used to be that one guy in the corner.

I mean look, the dude looked GOOD! REALLY GOOD! I honestly did not know him well enough to start a conversation and chat about it, but wow was I impressed! I could see the confidence in his eyes from a distance, and the positive energy that filled the room was undeniable. He went from being the kid in the corner to being the star of the show! The best part is, he knew everyone was always staring at him at that point and he owned it!

I will never forget this story, as it serves as a reminder that anything is possible if you just shut up and work! I have never felt so damn proud of someone I never actually knew on a personal level, but if you are reading this, maybe you know who you are! Proud of you man!

Conclusion: If you are sitting there and wondering, can it be done? The answer is simple. ABSOLUTELY!!!

Anything is possible in this life if you simply believe!

Never Give Up!!!


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