music production Feb 26, 2023

“Creative Ways to use Wave S1” 

Ahh yes, the magical S1 Imager from Waves!!! There are probably a lot of options on the market, but few come close to this simple, yet powerful tool. We can spend hours and hours talking about the different ways to implement this must-have tool!

Let’s take a look at our top 5 ways to use the Waves S1

1. Wider Backing Vocals

If your vocals need a bit of stereo spice, be sure to slap the S1 and adjust as needed. The key here is to not overdo it because, believe it or not, the S1 has the power to go REALLY WIDE! This is why it’s best to add the width on your backing vocals and keep the main leads in mono for cleaner balance. 

2. Wider Effects 

Not enough producers use this simple, yet effective trick! Slap the Imager at the end of your Reverb/Delay send bus and adjust accordingly! Sometimes we want to make an effect a bit more centered, and sometimes we want to let loose and open up that Reverb width to the extremes! In both cases, the S1 is the goat to get it done! 

3. Fixing Stereo Issues

Sometimes we find a perfect loop on Splice and it just has all sorts of weird element is on the far right, and the kick is on the far left for some reason...what do we do? Well, the easy solution is to slap the whole loop into mono and call it a day, but that just sounds boring doesn’t it? This is where you can get really creative with the S1 and use the “Asymmetry/Rotation” sliders in combination with the “Width” setting, in finding the perfect balance! Just like magic!!! 

4. Stereo Mastering

Don’t tell me you never tried the Imager on your master! The S1 Shuffler is the Waves Imager sister plugin that even offers a lot more control for mastering. When you are applying stereo width on a master, try using the Shuffler for more hands-on low-end adjustments for a perfect mix. 


5. Bigger Drops
And we are not talking about the calm and relaxing areas in the mix(for all you pop people), the drop is the meat and potatoes of the whole impact for most dance music. It’s the creme brûlée, the holy grail of dance culture, so it’s probably important to make it slap!
 The S1 Imager got you covered once again! Try placing it on the master and automating the stereo field into a more mono path, leading up to the main explosion. As the song builds up to the climax, the S1 Imager is slowly automating the stereo field into a more mono signal. Once the drop hits, mute the Imager, bringing it back to a normal stereo field, and watch your mind explode!  It’s almost like a magic trick and makes a massive difference in the main impact.  



Conclusion: The S1 Imager is a must-have tool in every producer’s arsenal. It offers a vast variety of options and creative thinking when it comes to the stereo field. 
Buy It, Learn It, Use It!!!


Click Here to download the Waves S1 Stereo Imager plugin and enhance your audio production with its powerful capabilities!



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