Nov 08, 2022

If there was one topic we definitely can’t all agree on, it is this one! Is it luck or is success nothing more than good old blood, sweat, and tears?

Well, the answer is actually BOTH!!! Let me explain!

In most cases, there is a bit of luck involved in meeting that perfect manager or simply finding a perfect sample for a hit song. The only question is..when luck does present itself, are you going to be ready? Most artists spend daydreaming about being in the studio with Skrillex or recording a collab with Calvin Harris. But in reality, if the opportunity presented itself RIGHT NOW are you ready to shock the world or simply make a fool of yourself? In most cases, artists are not ready and that is not a bad thing at all!

The good thing is that you have time! You have time to perfect your skills and become a killer. The key is to be ready! When, where, or how is none of your concern…just be ready!

My conclusion to this is simple. Stop spending countless hours wishing you were on top and focus on making sure that when you are on top you can sustain your momentum. What most artists don’t realize is that in the majority of cases you realistically are going to get ONE SHOT. That shot will come and it will hit you fast like lightning!!!

We just want you guys to be prepared for greatness!!! BE READY!!!

-Max Vangeli


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