How Much Money Do You Need To Be Successful In Music?

Nov 19, 2022

The short answer is A LOT! But the long answer might actually surprise you…

Rihanna’s team assembles worth of $1,000,000 allocated purely to her marketing plan per single! Yes, you heard me right, repeat after me, ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!

Who the hell has this kind of money, especially if you are an underground artist? Well, the good news is that we no longer need to compete with Rihanna and her bag because that’s physically impossible for obvious reasons. 

Now that we have established the fact that most musicians are broke or very low on cash, how much do we need to even have a chance in this game?

Think of yourself as an athlete, who is talented enough to make it to the PROs, but not quite the Michael Jordan level. Are you going to try and level up with the great one or start looking for shortcuts? I think the answer is obvious, focus on the skillset you have and develop that and stop trying to dunk over SHAQ! Just because you can’t score like Ronaldo does not mean you can’t be a passer like Messi!

Ok I know I know, you are probably even more confused by now, but hear me out!

Instead of dreaming of having a Rihanna Marketing Plan, start looking at your own skillset and what you actually do well. Are you a good storyteller? That skill is actually priceless, and who knows maybe Rihanna sucks at storytelling and would pay two million to have your skill set!

Maybe you are an amazing painter who loves to make dope music…that’s a story! It costs you ZERO to share that skill with your fans!

Painting your fans on A LIVE as you stream your brand-new album for your fans to listen as you paint! How much does that cost? ZERO Creativity is low-key priceless!!!

Now let’s discuss the BARE MINIMUM! As much as it sucks and we all hate it to death, but some money needs to be saved up for a successful rollout plan. Do we need to drop 10k on a single? No! At least not yet!!!

But you do need to make sure you save up a little cash in order to look presentable. I mean let’s be real, when was the last time your branding had a facelift? When was the last time you had new press shots done, and when was the last time you actually got your music mixed properly? These small details can make you look like a million bucks, even if you only got $300.

These pointers are not an option, they are A MUST. An absolute bare minimum “MUST” for you to even have a shot at leveling up to the big leagues.

Now let’s do a breakdown:

We will use our ACADEMY numbers simply because they really are the bottom of the barrel. The Academy is an online support system we launched to help the next generation of electronic music artists elevate in the game!

Here is the breakdown:

Mixing and Mastering: $100
Release Assets/Rebranding: $50-$150

The above digits are an ABSOLUTE bare minimum every artist who wants to be taken seriously should prepare to have for every release.

Now, 200 bucks sound a lot better than Rihanna’s $1,000,000, doesn’t it?

The moral of the story is that most artists are already taking MASSIVE shortcuts due to budgets, but there are essentially most artists need to save up for no matter what!

I have been in the music industry for 15 years. I also went to a very prestigious art school prior to my music career. Yet still, to this day I get my music mixed by someone who is better than me and I get all my art and branding done by someone who is better than me. Can I do it myself? Sure I can…but why? Your job as an artist is not to have a million dollars, but to smell like a million dollars! And this is not a money thing, it’s to be professional…show your fans you mean business!

As you scale your career start adding more professional services such as a PR agent and of course some actual rollout marketing. In reality, if we choose to save the PR agent for our glory days, most artists should save up anywhere from $150-$500 before even considering a release.

Look, I know what you are thinking…YOU CAN DO IT at $0! Of course, you can…and I also can sing my own top lines and rap on my own beats like Drake, but guess what…I choose professionals!

The good news is that we launched our Music Academy with a simple mission! To help up-and-coming musicians elevate in the world of mayhem on a budget! Our amazing NoFace Team has been helping up-and-coming artists like you and getting you polished up and ready to go is going to be a breeze! Need some help just hit us up: [email protected]

Conclusion: Treat your music career like a good parent who has obligations towards their children. Not everyone can afford a private school for their kid, but that does not mean you should send your kids to school with dirty clothes. Elevate and scale your budgets accordingly, but God forbid, you go to class before brushing your teeth. That’s just not cool!

And if you need ANY help always be sure to hit us up, and we will gladly hop on a call and discuss your artistic needs: [email protected]

And Don’t Forget…All It Takes is One!!!

-Max Vangeli


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