New Music On The Way from Michael Bibi

Uncategorized May 18, 2022

Unless you have been under a rock, as an electronic music lover it’s fair to say that Michael Bibi has been a name on your mind for a while now! Ever since his legendary flip of a “Hunger Games sample “Hanging Tree”, Bibi has been on an absolute tare. Now, the last time we got a taste of new Bibi was back in 2021 when we got treated with smash hits “Whispers In The Wind” as well as "Shaolin Dreams”


I am not too sure if we even want to attempt to describe the production level on “Shaolin Dreams”, and it is 2022 after all…so let’s hear some new fire! And behold, as if the dance music Gods tapped on Bibi’s shoulder and said, “Michael, it’s time for new heat”, Bibi simply replied “Hold my beer” and dropped these 3 IDs on us. Now as fans all we can do is sit and pray this is going to be a 3 track EP of absolute mastery at its best!


Is this real life? And are we ready for new Bibi in 2022? The answer is HELL YES!!!


-Max Vangeli 


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