How To Organize Your Day In 5 Minutes

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2022

Look, let’s be honest, life is hard! Not only because of our day-to-day, but we also have to deal with family and friends and squeeze in a few drinks on the weekends. Now, how are we supposed to do all this, and have time for our music among other things?

The art of organization is something beyond underrated, and should be finessed on a daily basis. There are of course countless things you can do, but let me show you a two-step process that might actually help you out!

Every evening before bed we usually have our heads filled with tasks we must do the following morning. The list of things is so long that we can’t even fall asleep at times. So grab a notebook and before bed list everything you need to achieve for that particular next day. That list might seem crazy long, but do it even if it’s 30 tasks on your mind.

The following morning…after you have your coffee. Sit down for 5 minutes and cross off everything on the list, and leave 10 items MAX. On a fresh head, I promise you that most things you thought were important become irrelevant and can be eliminated.

Now that you are ready to tackle the day, take the list with you and start crossing tasks off as your day goes on. The key here is to focus ONLY on the tasks on that list. As soon as new things come up, unless, of course, it’s a massive emergency, you simply DO NOT DO! Is it on my list of 10 for today? If it’s not you don’t even waste a second on that task.

As new tasks are presented in your daily routine just throw them in the mix for the following day.

Rinse and Repeat!

Remember: The only way to stay organized is to actually stay organized!

Good luck!

-Max Vangeli


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