Nov 15, 2022

First of all, let’s take a look at the definition!

panic : Sudden extreme anxiety or fear that may cause irrational thoughts or actions.

“Irrational thought or actions”, definitely does not sound like something I want to be doing on my release day or better yet, during my album recording process!

One of the greatest writers of all time, Mark Twain, had a great quote on this topic:
"I've had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened."

Panic is like the boy who cried wolf, most of the time it’s just not real! If you were to write down every moment you are stressed out on a piece of paper and monitor it, you’d later realize that 90% of the things you were dreading never actually ended up coming true! Now tell me there is no correlation to this story within the music world! Of course, there is!

How to control your panic swings is not easy, but we do have some suggestions!

1. You will die one day.

Panic about that, and not your fear of making the wrong career choice! You do realize you only get to choose one career choice right? Choose wisely!

2. Stop listening to your parents!

Ok, Ok…RELAX!!! We are not telling you to become a full-blown revolutionary and start boycotting mom’s chores! What we do suggest though, is that you stop comparing your career against others. Your dad lived in a different time and most likely did not even have the choices you have now. So chill!!! It’s OK to be a musician in 2022!

3. Stop looking at your music career as a hobby!

Look, unless it is a hobby, stop telling yourself it’s just some silly side addiction you have. Being a musician is as real as it gets, and it’s damn dope, so be proud of it! When people ask you next time what you do for a living, just tell them, for food you rob banks, and for pleasure you make music!

4. Failure is inevitable and you know it.

So why stress so much when you fail? Silly question right? The truth is, even the best of the best fail, and you will fail at some point as well Not once, not twice, but many times! The only question is…are you going to run off to your mom and cry about it or get better and stronger and kick some ass?

5. It’s ALL Work, not skill.

Look, before you start attacking me, please hear me out. NoFace Records as a company has had many different phases. The corporate, the skilled, the passionate, the artistic, and so on. The team that’s in charge now, and kicking ass is ALL WORK! We live and breathe NoFace! Are we talented? Hell yeah!!! Are we the best at what we do? Not yet! But we will fight till the end and figure it all out! End of the day hard work always wins!


There is no need to panic if you have a very clear understanding of the hardship this industry makes you endure. If you make it to the NFL or the NBA, is there even a question if you will have to work 20 times harder than you did in college? That’s not even a question, but the sad truth is a lot of talented people seem to think they can get away with pure talent and skip the grind. And you know what, that’s going to carry you half the distance…In the other half, you will have to crawl to the finish line on your knees regardless of your skill level. If you want to be a successful musician be prepared NOT to get lucky and prepare to work your way to the top! At the end of the day, hard work will always beat talent so why are you panicking? Get to work!

-Max Vangeli


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