How To Get Signed To Any Label

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2022

Ok, relax, before you start punching the air, hear me out!  I’m going to put it plain and simple, there are no gatekeepers.
Again, before you start screaming and shouting in disagreement let’s evaluate the whole situation.

The modern-day label is very different from the typical structure we had back in the day. The truth of the matter is, social media game is incredibly important.
We simply did not have so much social media back in the day, other than myspace. Now the entire infrastructure is based on analytics and pure numbers.
It has become a numbers game for labels and if labels want to continue operating, they need cash flow to keep the lights on.

So before we start bashing labels for being so damn picky, you need to look at it from their point of view…It’s a business.

NoFace infrastructure is a bit different, our label is made for the new wave and we bite the bullet in order to create something amazing in the future. This takes a lot of time and a very slow cash flow infrastructure for operations, this is the path we chose. Let’s just say when our cash flow reaches Spinnin’ level, everyone better run haha

Now let’s take a look at other labels and how they operate, let’s call them “The Normal Labels” because our business model only works in the world of peace, love, and prosperity…and we all know that world does not exist. Well, not yet at least.

No matter how long a label has been in the game there is no way in hell an AnR can predict a hit record. You can slap me for this…but that’s the truth. If you find a label or an AnR Executive who can guarantee his predictions I will resign today as head AnR of NoFace Records and quit music altogether. The only person who can predict hits is god himself and we don’t have his email yet.

So what does that mean? That means most AnRs can simply listen to a song and make a judgment call. If you are planning to send a demo to NoFace, Repopulate Mars or Solid Grooves, you have a large catalog of music to check before submitting. This catalog is the closest representation of what the AnR THINKS is a hit and your best chance of getting his attention. Can I please underline the word “THINKS” once more?!

Many artists send us demos of rock music, hip-hop, or country. I mean what does that tell me about you as an artist and how much you care about my label if you send me things I don’t even release? And then you go on social media blasting labels for not signing you.

It’s like going on a date with a vegetarian and taking her to a steak house…you are NOT getting laid tonight buddy.  

Now let’s direct the rule book!


Rule Number One: Do Your Homework

Do your homework and actually listen to the music the label is releasing and if the label is run by a known DJ, be sure to learn what that DJ likes to play. I mean let’s be real, do you honestly think Michael Bibi
Is going to play your banging Trap Flip of Young Ma at his next show? Or do you think maybe Lee Foss will drop Psy-Trance at his next Repopulate Ibiza party?

This leads us to Rule Number Two: Focus On Your Goal

Make a list of your top 3-5 labels and stick to that list until you get signed. Study that label as if your life depended on it, after all, you do want to become part of the family? And if you don’t, then why the hell are you even wasting your time sending them a demo? Nowadays if you do not belong to a gang(legal gang of course) then you are homeless! Now, this is a subjective topic but I am a big believer in community power and sticking to a family for growth. That does not mean you have to stick to one label but it does mean you should plant your roots. Otherwise, you are going to be window shopping for the rest of your career until you burn out.

This leads me to the next rule.

Rule Number Three: Show Your Value

You have no idea how many times I have signed a record purely on the fact that the person just has amazing vibes! Now, the music needs to be great of course…but if you are a dope person then you are already winning. When I see an artist always engaging in our community activities, this shows me that this artist is serious about NoFace and is willing to work his ass off to be on the roster. So when we do shows, guess who I’m calling? Exactly…the same guy I love vibing with.

This leads us to the next rule.

Rule Number Four: Don’t Be An Ass

The days of Mr. Cool Guy wearing all black and shades are over…the so-called ass-holes of the industry are no longer accepted. Being a good person is going to do MASSIVE things for your career. So stop being that social media jerk off, get off your high horse and just be a good person! Because labels do check socials and will make a judgment call if you are some crazy attention-seeking dude, with wild intentions.

And Lastly…

Rule Number Five: Make Us Proud

When you finally sign to that dream label, show your gratitude! You have no idea how good it feels to see artists brag about NoFace!!! It’s like Christmas at the office, and that extra love is going to give you a massive advantage. Most labels might even reach out for a follow-up because they loved the way you rolled out the release. Labels need help too you know! I mean let’s be real, do you really think we don’t spy on your socials when you get signed :)


Before even submitting to labels, go check out their blueprint, the answers are ALL THERE. Educate yourself about the community and listen to the releases. If the label has a community or an academy, join it!
I would say more than 50% of our students who stick around long enough, get a release on NoFace and many other big labels. In the end, commitment is everything…ESPECIALLY for NoFace. Help a brand build a future, and they will help you, build your future! Believe me, it’s a win-win all around. Now go out there and start crossing off your 2023 label wishlist!


Max Vangeli


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