How To Overcome Stress In 2023

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2023

Let’s be honest, stress is now a big part of our lives and we seem to be ok with it. Unfortunately, stress is not something that we want in our life, especially when creating beautiful music…it’s a major buzz kill. The problem with stress is that we simply brush it off as if there is nothing we can do about it. What if I told you there is something you can do about it?
There is actually a lot you can do about it!
But the trick is that you have to follow the rules for at least 3 months for them to come into effect.

If you are under 25 and you are reading this, it might be your best time to change up your habits before they become a problem. As we get older it becomes a lot harder for us to re-learn things, especially task management and healthy eating.

Here are the TOP 5 Essential things to Overcome Stress In 2023!

1. What You Eat:
Yeah yeah, I know what you are thinking…another boring diet tip. Take it any way you like, but diet is probably 80% of your stress issues. Without going too deep into it, just try to avoid eating anything that’s packaged. The amount of crap they put in our food nowadays is pure evil and should be carefully avoided at all times!

2. Sleep:
Stop listening to those guru guys claiming you only need 4 hrs of sleep. If you can afford to get 10, DO IT! There is nothing more important than sleep…well other than making bangers of course!

3. Plan Ahead:
Get a simple planner and write down a maximum of 10 tasks before bedtime and be sure to complete them the following day. Do the same every day for a full year and see what happens! If you do not finish a task, simply shift it to the next day and make it a priority.

4. Make New Friends:
Ok, this one might sound a bit harsh, but hey, you know what, we all need a new angle in life. Maybe those boring weekend bar hangouts are not doing any good for your career! Just maybe the local jazz night will open up new conversations and lead to new opportunities!

5. Stay Focused:
The biggest stress comes from a lack of organization. Your life is a mess, your studio is a mess, and you have not changed your car oil in years… sound familiar? Tackling your tasks head-on actually relieves you of all the stress thinking about it!

Conclusion: the world is not crashing down and the end is not near so take a deep breath and simply organize yourself. If the task is not on the list, don’t even stress about it until the next day!




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