Nov 02, 2022


If you plant a flower seed and water it 5 times a day instead of the correct amount of once every two days, do you think the flower will grow faster?

No, the flower will actually die faster! The moral of the story is that some things just can’t be rushed, and that includes your success. Don’t get me wrong, this does not mean you can sit back and causally do nothing. But what this does mean is that you need to lay off that stress and let the process do its thing.

Here are our top 5 things you can start doing today in order to keep you on track.

1. Stop comparing yourself to TOP artists!

There is no need for you to try and level up with someone who spent the last decade trying to make it. All we tend to see is the end result and always assume it was a quick home run. But the truth of the matter is that they’re rarely is such a thing as a quick win. Maybe this will require you to unfollow some of your favorite artists who annoy you on a daily with their success! Or simply man up and follow them as a guide.

2. The Sky is NOT Falling!

We see a lot of artists acting as if the world is about to end. You have time! You have time, repeat after me…YOU HAVE TIME!!! Stressing and rushing are never going to be the answer! And you know that!

3.  You are not wasting your life!

I know that stress from loved ones can derail your career choices due to financial and moral pressure. Stop living in this weird delusion that musicians are all broke and you are just waiting away. The amount of knowledge and experience you will gain from your music journey is incredible. It levels up to the standers of being a self-made businessman because all the same rules apply. You do NOT need to become DIPLO to be a successful individual in the music industry, you simply need to become a professional and be damn good at it. Music is not just a hobby, it’s a profession!

4.  A music career is like a flower.

Back to my flower reference, some things can’t be rushed and some things should never be rushed. Treat your career like a high-end software engineer treats his. Be ok with not knowing everything on day one, but never stop learning.

5.  Make it Fun.

If you are not having fun then you are definitely not being true to yourself. Music should never feel like a job, and as soon as it starts feeling like one, you must make changes instantly!


I will finish off with a little story here! After being in the music industry for more than 10 years, traveling the world, and kicking ass I literally quit in 2018, I dropped my managers, and my agents and moved to the Dominican Republic. I was so burnt out from touring and the industry pressure that I simply muted everything that had to do with electronic music. My music career just became a job and some sort of a dick-measuring contest and I hated it! Taking a few years off made me realize that I simply needed to make a few adjustments in order to fix my problem. We re-launched this beautiful NoFace Community and now I get to make music with a smile on my face again!

Sometimes all it takes is a few small adjustments and BOOM!

The moral of the story is, to let your flower grow naturally, love it, and don’t force it!

-Max Vangeli


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