Top 10 No Copyright Music Options for YouTube in 2021

As a YouTuber, background music can be a tricky area for you to navigate because of royalty / copyright issues. This is because if you put music in your video that isn't cleared, your entire video can be demonetized!

So how do you avoid painful copyright strikes and pick the right music to use? By using so-called free no copyright music instead. The popular term refers to certain YouTube channels and Record Labels who have decided to give you the ability to use their music royalty-free of charge in exchange for receiving credit in your video's description. 

Below are 10 of the best options for royalty-free music you can use in your YouTube videos:


1. NoFace Records

Let's throw our imprint in first. With 5 releases per week and over 150 songs already in the catalog, you'll be sure to find some YouTuber-friendly electronic music options ranging from high energy, commercial, to chill vibes. No copyright strikes to worry about, feel free to use the tracks and thanks for supporting the next generation of electronic music artists.


2. NCS

NCS (or NoCopyrightSounds) is a UK-based label that pioneered the royalty-free music concept for YouTubers back in 2011.  Look out for basically all genres of electronic music including house, trap, drub and bass, future bass, and more.


3. Audio Library

Audio Library is a collection of royalty-free music from all over the internet. They also started a record label where they sign music called Audio Library Plus. Audio Library has a massive collection of electronic music sure to delight your audience's ears.


4. Vlog No Copyright Music

Another source for free No Copyright Music is Vlog No Copyright Music, this channels focuses on Vloggers, although it's available for everyone. Based in France, this team has been making it happen since 2014.


5. Magic Music

Magic Music has some pretty amazing Bass & Trap music for YouTubers and other content creators. Be sure to check out their Wallpapers as well, very high end and downloadable.


6. Breaking Copyright

Breaking Copyright is not a record label, meaning they don't "sign" music. Instead, they promote royalty-free tracks they believe in. They have everything from ambient music, to Bollywood, to background piano, to tech house, to Chinese electronic, this is truly an eclectic collection of music.


7. Trap Nation - Royalty-Free Music Playlist

Keep in mind, not all of Trap Nation is No Copyright Music, just this playlist of 180 tracks. All music in this playlist is free to use only on YouTube if you provide the purchase/stream links and social links to the artist in the credits or description of the video. (Same goes for all of the channels listed here, just follow the instructions in each video's description and you'll be good.)


8. RFM - Royalty Free Music

RFM is a collection of everything from vlog music, gaming music, orchestral, lofi, and more.


9. Free To Use Music

Based in Denmark, this collection of music includes tropical sounds, saxophone type music, uplifting, house, pop, chill, and more.


10. MrSnooze I Background Music for Videos

This collection of music is sorted by mood including happy, inspirational, calm, dark, and so on. All of it royalty-free, of course. This is some excellent background music curation.


Denis Hiller, Label Manager, NoFace Records. Send your unsigned electronic music to [email protected]


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